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Born in captivity on a land far away, Rocco was the first successful experiment in the hybrid program. After having a vivid dream of the outside world, he came to realize there was more to life than metal cages.

 Rocco then freed himself along with the other animals leading them to discover the Island paradise now known as Rock Island.   


Using her intelligence, Rosetta played a crucial role in the great escape from captivity. She’s the backbone that keeps Rocco in check. Without her, things would fall apart in no time. 


Born free, Rocky was the first offspring to be born on Rock Island. Like most babies, Rocky is full of energy and can be a little troublemaker at times - especially when he wants a slice of tingleberry pie. 


Like Rocco, the Storm King was also born in captivity, but he was a failed experiment. Unwanted- they then discarded him to the wild, yet he refused to die.  

Now hungry for power, the Storm King and his new army travel the great ocean in search of gold and precious stones to empower himself.  

They were once normal toads just doing normal toad things, but now they’re kept under the mind control of the evil Storm King.  Stay far away from their electric nets. 



They provide the muscle needed to do the Storm King’s dirty work. 
Created specifically for battle, they were once Storm Toads mutated by the Storm King to become his ultimate Warriors.  Don’t get too close to or they will charge. 

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